Potty Training Yorkies with Ease

potty training with easeYorkies are the cutest dogs in the world, and having one for a pet will be the most rewarding thing that can happen to any human being. Unfortunately, as cute as they are, potty training Yorkies is really hard. They can be hardheaded at times, but you can always do something about it. There are many dog-training facilities out there that can train your Yorkie without a problem. But training your own pet can be the most satisfying thing a pet owner can do with a pet. It can also be considered as bonding time of pet and owner, not to mention the pet-training costs you will save. Below are some simple and helpful tips on how to potty train Yorkies effectively.

When potty training Yorkies, always remember to reward good behavior. Even when not potty training, rewarding your Yorkie when they do good deeds is essential. When at the early stages of the training, you should rewards them when they pee or poop at the proper locations. During the early stages of the training this will be helpful because it will train the dogs mind to keep practicing good behavior because they will realize that it can harbor good results, such as treats.

Do not get angry if your Yorkie makes a mess inside. Attempt to startle him with a sharp noise, such as clapping your hands, and then take him outside immediately so he will begin associating outdoors with relieving himself. Just remember that punishing your dog for making a mess will have no impact. Your Yorkie does not understand why he is being punished before he fully understands that he is not permitted to go to the bathroom indoors.

Potty training Yorkies should make you as disciplined as your dog, since training them requires you to be disciplined as well. Create a schedule where you should take your dog outside first thing in the morning, once during midday, and again at night. Your dog will usually go more than those times, but it is a good way to get them on a schedule, wherein it will encourage them to go potty. Their mind will be trained that they can only go potty when you take them outside, no matter what time of the day. This is also a good way to give yourself a schedule and put a little organization in your life.

Praising him can also do wonders when potty training Yorkies. You don’t have to give your dog a treat every time they have to go potty outside. Instead, you can praise him, reinforcing positive behavior. Praise him by patting him on his head or rubbing his belly. Playing with your Yorkie also works the same as praising him. Yorkies simply love being praised and being played with as much as any other dog does.

Yorkies are adorable when they run around the grass, play around, or even when simply lying on the floor. Unfortunately, some people expect cute dogs to be forever adorable, and when they stop being adorable, they stop liking them as well. A pet owner should know how to take care of a pet. Potty training will be hard work for the pet owner, but at least the pet owner will be assured of a good future with their Yorkie.