Obedience Training Your Yorkie

For many people, one of the first and most important things they will do with their new Yorkie puppy is start them in an obedience training course. For others, obedience training isn’t something they consider until their Yorkie is older and have encountered behaviors they would like to modify or eliminate. Either way, obedience training teaches your dog how to behave in certain situations and aids in establishing you as the leader of the pack. However, some owners either cannot afford obedience training or decide they would rather do it themselves. Therefore, here is a brief rundown of what can be gained from obedience training to help you determine if your Yorkie would benefit from it.

The Benefits of Obedience Training for your Yorkie

To start with, in obedience training your Yorkie will quickly learn how to respond to specific, well delivered commands. Which means you will learn how to give those commands. Many people do not think it is necessary to train their Yorkie. They feel that their dog doesn’t need an obedience training course and that he will learn to behave on his own as he grows. With few exceptions, Yorkies, who tend to be headstrong and bossy if left to their own devices, need and want the structure and consistency of obedience training. Think of obedience training your Yorkie as what is best for the both of you and it will be far more effective. Here are some examples.

Leadership – In obedience training, you will learn how to assert your dominance over your Yorkie to show them that you are the one in charge and that they must listen to you at all times. If you repeat these behaviors while at home, your Yorkie will have a much easier time following your lead. Asserting yourself as the Alpha dog, or leader of the pack, is the foundation of all good training.

Basic Commands – When obedience training your Yorkie you will learn how to teach him basic commands such as sit, stay, heel, and quiet – basics that will make your dog more cooperative when it really matters. These four behaviors will form the foundation of everything you need to teach them more tricks later.

No Biting or Barking – Two of the biggest problems that a Yorkie or any dog can have are biting and barking. Different levels of obedience training can deal with these specific behaviors and ensure that your dog behaves properly.  Establishing yourself as alpha dog is essential to avoiding or correcting these types of behaviors. Biting in particular should be dealt with when your Yorkie is still young, although it is not impossible to correct in an older dog.

Walking – Tired of having your Yorkie constantly pulling on his leash and trying to lead you around? In a good training class, you’ll learn how to control your Yorkie’s actions, keep them from running around on you and ideally teach them to sit and heel on your command.

Obedience training your Yorkie is important in many ways because it provides the means to avoid problems that arise at home without it. If your Yorkie is under a year old or simply does not behave properly, consider a class to help you get started.

Following Through at Home

Of course, obedience training your Yorkie is only the start. You and your Yorkie may learn a few basic tricks in class, but if you do not follow through with what you’ve learned back at home, good luck maintaining control. You should be consistent, show your Yorkie that you’re in charge at all times and make sure everyone in the household can also follow along. This is most important in ensuring that your Yorkie’s progress will continue.

Remember that your Yorkie will only do what he is taught to do. You must be consistent, reassuring and effective at maintaining the commands you give. If you are inconsistent, allowing your Yorkie to have his way at times or by forgetting to reassert your commands, he may very well start to regress to the behaviors you worked so hard to train him out of.